Shopping in Houston TX

Shopping in Houston TX

shopping in houston tx

Aren’t girls’ getaways just the best? I just got back from a girls’ weekend in Houston and it was simply incredible. We are all so glad we went. We had such an amazing time that we vowed to schedule at least two girls’ getaways every year from now on. After several years had passed since our last trip, this one was prompted by a friend who lives in Houston who needed some help finding the perfect outfit for a charity event she is attending in a few weeks with her new beau. When she reached out to us in desperation we quickly responded, shopping and spending someone else’s money, plus a good excuse to get together, we are all in!

The first night we arrived we had a delicious Italian dinner at Potente, in downtown Houston. Their homemade pasta was simply divine and our waiter was amazing. We caught each other up on what had happened in our lives since the last time we were together. We chattered on about boyfriends, careers, families, health and beauty challenges, all the good girl’s topics. Then we decided we should devise a plan of attack for our shopping in Houston TX excursion the next day to find that perfect outfit for Alicia. We were all in agreement that it had to be tasteful enough to impress others at the charity event, but sexy enough to make her boyfriend’s jaw drop. At least we were all on the same page about the goal.The order of shopping for this perfect attire was an entirely different story.We fell into the age long women’s debate over which comes first, the dress or the shoes?  You know like the chicken or the egg. And let me tell you there were some strong points on both ends. Ithink if it weren’t for the wine that the waiter kept pouring, our friend group may have had to split up. After much wine and debate, we finally arrived the decision that we would find the dress first and then shop for shoes and if needed a new evening bag.

After eating a good breakfast in the morning, we were off! Ready for shopping in Houston TX! We tried Scout and Molly’s boutique but their dress selection was not what we were hoping for. We did find a cute black sparkly jumper, with spaghetti straps, that looked adorable on Alicia, but we all agree that she needed a dress for this particular event. Next, we tried Murch, they specialize in designer dresses for upscale occasions. We found an absolutely stunning grey satin floor length dress, with a plunging neckline and a slit up the front to mid-thigh. The entire dress was embellished with jewels. Alicia would have sparkled everywhere she went, but the price was just a bit steep, and she would definitely need new shoes for this dress. From there, we tried Saks 5th Avenue and Macy’s, they both had great dresses, but just not jaw the dropping effect we wanted for Alicia.

By this time, we were getting a bit tired so we broke for lunch. Over lunch, not that I had given up on shopping in Houston TX, but I decided to pull out my phone and peruse the Rent the Runway app. There were so many options that would look amazing on Alicia, it was like I hit the jackpot. Not 100% certain if Alicia would be open to trying rent the runway, I floated the idea by her and quickly handed her my phone for her to see the options. She was a bit skeptical, but continued to look. It quickly became hard for the group to decide which one would be the best option. We finally decided on ruby-red satin dress. It is sleeveless with a tapered hemline starting at mid-thigh on the left side extending down to ankle length on the right side, to show just enough leg.There is also a ruffle extending along the hemline which will be perfect when Alicia is twirling on the dance floor. And Alicia remembered that she has a black shawl that will compliment the dress perfectly. We were relatively certain this dress would look stunning on Alicia, but just in case she wanted to order two dresses so she would have a backup once she tried them on. The second dress we all agreed upon is a black and midnight blue form fitting dress covered in sequence. The bodice is all black then at the waist it starts to blend into the midnight blue on the bottom half of the dress. The hemline is right below the knee, but there is slit in the back to about mid-thigh and the back is also out. While this dress will not have the same impact when Alicia is twirling on the dance floor, it will show-off her figure quite nicely.

Since I had Alicia on a roll with online shopping in Houston TX, I decided to ride the wave and suggest on-line shoe shopping as well. She paused for a moment, but then I told her about the incredible on-line Italian shoe store whose owner’s goal is to bring quality Italian shoes to ladies shopping on a budget. She agreed to at least look at And guess what? We found a perfect pair of shoes that will go with either dress for just $245 including shipping! They are an exquisite pair of black satin stilettos with a 2 ½- inch heel by Alexandra Neel. They have a pointy toe and get this; the ankle is embellished with black luxurious feathers! And to seal the deal, just to add to the extra sexy look of the shoe, they tie up the ankle.

While shopping for her dream outfit gave us the perfect reason to reunite in person,as it turns out we didn’t need to go out to shop at all. Thanks to Rent the Runway and, we finished shopping early, allowing more time to play in Houston. Shop OnSho Shoes Here.

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